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Compensation & Reimbursements relating to the closure of Canaan Online [GM]Layfando 0 59 by [GM]Layfando [24.Mar]
GPotato levels up and becomes WEBZEN! [CM]Carapuche 4 111 by Werzas [02.Apr]
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Canaan Online says goodbye [CM]Carapuche 15 471 by Johnpaultamayo [10.Apr]
Patch Notes - Version [GM]Layfando 0 48 by [GM]Layfando [20.Feb]
Journey into Mystery – Feedback & Known issues [GM]Layfando 1 346 by Kudayvlas [05.Dec]
The situation of Canaan Online [GM]Layfando 0 501 by [GM]Layfando [27.Nov]
Journey into Mystery – Contents & Features [GM]Layfando 0 1680 by [GM]Layfando [27.Nov]
[Guide] First Aid for technical problems and common issues [GM]Stanjeerah 0 2305 by [GM]Stanjeerah [14.May]
[Important] GMs will NEVER ask for your password! [GM]Naralae 0 101 by [GM]Naralae [24.May]
[Tip] How to avoid scams! [GM]Naralae 0 375 by [GM]Naralae [01.Dec]
Forum Rules and Guidelines [GM]Draic 0 244 by [GM]Draic [12.Feb]
[Info] Update for Compensation Pack and gPotato Reimbursement [CM]Zartylan 0 4 by [CM]Zartylan [16.Apr]
Item Mall inventory (February 2014) [GM]Layfando 0 214 by [GM]Layfando [17.Feb]
[Guide] Canaan Compendium - The Tome of Pets [GM]Stanjeerah 0 653 by [GM]Stanjeerah [20.Dec]
[Guide] Safe Trading in Canaan Online: Player Stalls [GM]Stanjeerah 0 98 by [GM]Stanjeerah [17.Apr]
[Important] English only in World Chat! [GM]Naralae 1 255 by Xxxholicccc [22.Nov]
[Announcement] Earn free gPotato! [GM]Stanjeerah 0 611 by [GM]Stanjeerah [12.Sep]
[Announcement] New ways to get gPotato! [GM]Stanjeerah 0 389 by [GM]Stanjeerah [12.Sep]
[Guide] Safe Trading in Canaan Online: The Auction House [GM]Stanjeerah 0 425 by [GM]Stanjeerah [16.Aug]
[Shop] Costume List [GM]Naralae 0 1668 by [GM]Naralae [06.Sep]