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Translation Issues

Found an issue that is caused by bad translations or blurry phrasings? Report it to us here.

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How to report - please read before posting! [GM]Sinethara 0 262 by [GM]Sinethara [27.Sep]
Off-Topic 1.2.3 [GM]Sinethara 69 263 by Neilho [04.Feb]
Guidl coin Lordrixuel 0 23 by Lordrixuel [08.Dec]
Nobility system. there are 8 functions now Lordrixuel 1 31 by [CM]Skeradur [19.Jul]
Guild chat and limit arena Niftusik 1 26 by Niftusik [26.May]
Roman Pike Bonus Lordrixuel 0 66 by Lordrixuel [06.Jul]
Pyromaniac typeo Doubleganger 0 31 by Doubleganger [04.May]
alliance between guilds Auronwk 0 40 by Auronwk [01.May]
Translation to Lithuanian language Daigtasxd 0 73 by Daigtasxd [20.Sep]
Auction Shortyto 0 60 by Shortyto [30.Aug]
Interface - Assign Units Slonq 0 37 by Slonq [28.Aug]
Interface - Temple Slonq 0 39 by Slonq [27.Aug]
Interface - Lair Slonq 0 46 by Slonq [27.Aug]
Unit/NPC - Missionary Slonq 0 35 by Slonq [27.Aug]
So subtle... Lowlyworm 1 81 by [GM]Tirionus [18.Aug]
over donating error mes Turalus 0 29 by Turalus [05.Aug]
Recruiting a hero: HOER Korenwolfje 0 155 by Korenwolfje [11.Apr]
Guild - Event Beststrategist 0 133 by Beststrategist [01.Apr]

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